Wedding Entertainment Ideas

The entertainment is the one aspect of your wedding that all of your guests will remember. While discos and function bands are classic features of the everyday reception, you shouldn’t feel obliged to include them. It’s your day, so don’t be afraid to add a little creativity to the mix. After all, sometimes it’s the most unconventional ideas that are the most fun!

If you’re in need of some inspiration take a look at these 30 examples and you might just stumble across something that’s right for your wedding.

Mini Me Photo Keyrings

‘Mini-Me’ keyrings will provide a wealth of entertainment for your special event. Combining your guests’ photos with a choice of over 25 characters, the fun happens when they see themselves wearing a onesie for the first time. Once you make your selection on price at booking, all the toys (size dependant) are included. We also send along two members of staff so your event happens without a hitch. With a souvenir such as this to take home, your guests will always remember the great time they had at your event. More info here

Candy Floss Machine Hire

Candy floss takes everyone back to the fun of childhood and when you have such great flavours such as sassy apple, blue raspberry, or the more adult pina colada on offer, who could resist? Want to make it even more fun? Choose the optional extra of LED floss sticks and watch everyone’s face light up with pleasure.There is a candy floss member of staff on hand to make these delicious creations for you, so all you need to focus on is having a great time. More info here

Casino Table Hire

Everyone loves to have a little flutter at casino tables. This is especially true when no money changes hands, so all your guests need to focus on is having a great time. Our interactive casino tables are modern and fun and can even be colour coded to fit your theme.Included are our friendly and professional croupiers. They come prepared with all the money, which can even be personalised, or chips you will need. To add an element of further excitement to the evening you could even offer a prize for table winners. More info here

Fruity Dipping Sticks

Many of your guests will have seen a chocolate fountain at a party before, but what they probably won’t have experienced is a new sweet sensation which lets them choose between hundreds of toppings. ‘Dip ‘n Lick’ is a creative way to bring all the fun of pick and mix right to your event. Apples on sticks are covered in toffee, chocolate or caramel and then it’s down to your guests to browse all the mouth- watering toppings on display and make their choice. More info here

Digital Graffiti Wall Hire

Bored with the traditional guest book or want to send your guests home with something to remember the day by? Then our digital graffiti wall is the answer. With no mess and no fumes, infrared technology means that your guests can try their hand at wielding a spray can with no risk attached. Photographs are projected onto a digital wall and then various colours, effects, stencils, stamps and patterns can be added. Once complete the creations can be printed, emailed or uploaded to Facebook. Already a hit at Glastonbury and the MTV awards, we can now bring the excitement of digital graffiti to your event. More info here

Ping Pong Challenge Game

Like basketball, but with ping-pong balls, ‘Dunk It’ will bring an element of fun competition to your event. Up to 4 players at any one time can play and all the scores are kept automatically. Across the whole of your event, the top ten players will appear on the leader board, which definitely keeps people coming back for more. In addition, why not offer a prize for the person who comes out on top?Staff are included to run Dunk It, so all you need to focus on is having a great time with your guests. More info here

Giant iPad Hire

Most people have their own favourite iPad game, such as Angry Birds, Candy Crush or Fruit Ninja. How much more fun would it be to play that game on a giant screen, especially when you are competing against your fellow guests? The giant iPad can also be fitted with controllers for racing and sports games or even used as a giant presentation screen, maximising your impact. Anything that can be run on an iPad can be supersized, giving you a wealth of possibilities. More info here

Magic Mirror Photo Booth

Our ‘Mirror Photo Booths’ are great for couples or larger groups. Even better, there is a wide range of different designs and graphics on offer so everyone can create something unique. For double the fun, you can film yourself in the pod and then walk around to the other side of the mirror and view the finished result.There’s no need for disposable cameras when a mirror pod is on offer and your guests will appreciate the true individuality of their finished photos. More info here

Urban Graffiti Design Caps

The popularity of graffiti never lessens and your guests will love the ability to take their own customised graffiti cap home with them. Our staff are on hand to do all the on-site printing for you, so you and your guests can just have fun.Want to know what can make these urban graffiti caps even cooler? Choose our glow in the dark font and your cap will draw even more attention on the dance floor or when you make your way home at the end of the night. More info here

Design & Make 3D Dog Tags

Let guests get creative at your event with the ability to design and make their own 3D dog tag. There are 10 colours and over a 100 different charms to choose from, so each one will be unique to its creator. As an optional extra, you can even have the tags engraved or customised on the reverse. The tag can then be added to a chain or keyring and taken home by your guests, helping them to have a great memory of the day. More info here

Acrylic Jewellery Bar

With our jewel bar, your guests can create a nameplate, keyring or other design of their choice. If you have a special colour theme for your event, we can match this or why not opt for mirror perspex to make a bold statement.If you prefer we also offer laser cutting services prior to your event and we can create designs featuring your guests’ names so they have something to take home with them after the event. Alternatively, add specially designed table numbers to match the names and draw your theme together. More info here

Karaoke Booth Hire

We all dream of getting up on stage and singing but some of us might just be a little too shy to try it. Or maybe you would love nothing better than to dress up in our party props, form a group and sing along to a wide range of music. Our karaoke booths not only let you sing to your heart’s content but they also provide you with an instant DVD of your performance so you can listen again; share it with friends or family; or even send it along to a record producer! More info here

Design Nail Tattoos

Nail tattoos can be a great fun addition to a wide variety of events and are popular with adults and children alike. We work with your guests to help them design the look they are seeking and then the finished product gets printed onto your guests’ nails. Everyone can have something different and they can go home with a memory of the event. You can even include designs which fit with the theme of your function. More info here

Graffiti & Photo T-Shirts

Graffiti designs are pretty cool and our technology means we can print onto a wide range of items including t-shirts, hoodies, flip-flops, ties, mugs, and coasters. You or your guests can choose from a range of computer generated graffiti designs or, if you have also optionally booked a Pixpod photo booth at your event, you can have those images printed too. When guests go home with something unique from your event it makes for a special souvenir and a wonderful memory of the day. More info here

Design Graffiti Phone Cases

Everyone loves to have a great cover for their phone and if this is a personalised graffiti design, it makes it even more special. Our ‘Pimp My Phone’ cases cover most makes of phone and there are over a hundred designs to choose from. As an optional extra, if you have a PixPod photo booth at your event, then these images can also be added to the covers.Book Pimp Your Phone and let your guests create something as individual as they are. More info here

Pixpod Photo Booth

Our ‘Pixpod Booths’ take event photos to a whole new level. With room for up to eight people, props customised to your event, and even a wind machine included, your guests will create images which won’t be forgotten. Four photos are taken in 12 seconds and the booths use green screen technology so you can have a background of your choice.Our staff are on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly and digital prints are available immediately. There is also a password-protected online gallery available later where images can be downloaded free. If you want to choose a booth which fits with your theme, we have a wide range of options, from pink to animal print. More info here

Pixpod Selfie Photo Booth

Our ‘Pixpod Selfie Booths’ mean that up to 12 of your guests can have their photo taken together and these images can then be instantly sent by email or uploaded to Twitter or Facebook. Alternatively, anyone can take a selfie at your event using Instagram and then have it printed at the pod. This is a truly unique experience and with a range of prints on offer including colour; black and white; and sepia, everyone will be happy. Your guests can just snap, #tag and print, making memories from your special event. More info here

Individual Rap Music Video

Want to create a truly individual rap song you can share with friends, family or even a colleague?Simply provide us with images and further information on the spec sheet we provide and then watch as your very own rap song comes to life.This is truly a special experience, both for you and for those hearing the song and it’s an edgier way to share a message with your audience. Even better, you will have created a music video which you can keep and watch again. More info here

Human Photo Snow Globe

There isn’t much that is prettier than a snow globe and both children and adults will love this unique experience. The globes are life-sized and you can decorate them with snow, confetti, butterflies, balloons or even money, which means they’re perfect for almost any event.Your snow globe image, taken with friends, family or colleagues, will be captured on camera so you and your guests can take a photo away which will always remind you of the day. More info here

Sovereign Photography & Video

If you want a professional photographer or videographer at your event, then choose Sovereign who pride themselves on their professional, caring service and who provide beautiful, quality images. Sovereign offer packages to suit all types of events and they are experts at putting their clients at ease and thereby capturing the best images. Whether you need photography for an event, a family portrait, a makeover shoot or something completely customised, find out more about what Sovereign can offer. More info here

Dancing Head Photo Booth

Let your guests be a star for the night with our fun ‘Star Pod’ dancing heads booth. Anyone can choose a music video they love and then sing and dance along, giving it their best moves. Immediately their performance is over a video will be created which they can take home or it can be uploaded to Facebook for everyone to enjoy. With two members of staff on hand to run the Star Pod you can be sure all you will need to focus on is enjoying the performances. More info here

Roaming UV Tattoos

Many people get temporary tattoos when they go away on holiday and therefore it makes for a fun reminder of happy days when they can get a design at your event. Your guests can choose a range of tattoos which are created using henna, glitter, silver or even gold.To notch the cool factor up, even more, opt for our UV tattooist who creates designs which can be seen to best effect when the lights are turned down, perfect to add to the party atmosphere. More info here

Video Booth Hire

Our video booths are a great addition to a wide range of events. They can be used as video diaries where people can record their good wishes for a newlywed couple or send a personal message to the host of any type of celebration.The video booths can also be used at corporate events to give feedback from clients or staff on what they felt about the day. You can even create fully automated questions to ensure you receive the information you need. More info here

Virtual Pod Photo Booth

Our ‘Virtual Pod’ attracts a great deal of attention and is entertaining both for the people involved and for those watching. This open air booth uses virtual props to create a fun experience which is also recorded in a photograph for guests to take home.Moving backgrounds and 3D props are driven by hand gestures and guests can even be shrunk down and placed in another person’s hand. This causes a great deal of amusement amongst friends, family and even work colleagues or clients. It’s definitely an ice-breaker. More info here

Unusual Flavoured Popcorn

Snacks are essential for any event and ones which are more unusual create a definite talking point which makes the day more memorable. Our popcorn stands, which include a popcorn server, can provide your guests with some of the most unusual flavours of popcorn they will probably ever come across.Bags of popcorn are served in a variety of interesting and delicious flavours including chilli & lime, buffalo wings, chocolate, marshmallow, caramel and many more. If you want the popcorn cart to fit your theme, as an optional extra you can even have it personalised. More info here

Sweets in LED Room

Make a feature of your guests’ sweet selection in our brightly coloured LED pods. These 8ft by 8ft rooms include a member of staff to make sure your guests are completely looked after. You can supply your own sweets or we can provide everything you need, even personalising the sweet pod and the sweet bags as optional extras. These sweet pods appeal to all ages and they are definitely a talking point, especially amongst pick and mix lovers. More info here

Fast Action Ball Game

Want to add something a little more physical to your event. ‘Jet Ball’ is a table-top game which both adults and children will love. Truly innovative, the game involves keeping the ball in the field of play using invisible forces. The more someone plays the more skilled they get, often demonstrating amazing skill shots in very little time. ‘Jet ball’ is a fun element which adds a level of competition to any event and you could even declare a winner at the end of the day. More info here

Silent Disco Wireless Headphones

Are you running an event in a location where you can create limited noise? Then our silent disco will have everyone on their feet and enjoying beats which only the headphone wearers can hear.This is a craze sweeping across the UK and your guests will be keen to try it out. Our headphones are wireless and produce an amazing sound so everyone will soon be dancing the night away without causing any disturbance. More info here

Close Up Wedding Magician

Looking for something versatile, flexible and with a guarantee to leave your wedding guests speechless? Hiring a wedding magician to perform magic and mind reading is the perfect solution. With Dynamo and Harry Potter being so popular in the 21st century, there has never been a better time to bring the wonders of TV to your guest’s eyes. Close up magician and mind reader, Duncan William, offers jaw-dropping wedding entertainment to make your day truly memorable and unique. Award winning, bespoke, wedding magic at its best. Click here for more info.

Speed & Reflex Game

‘Neuron Race’ brings old school table-tops games, which people love, right up to date. The player can race against the clock and their opponent to see who comes out on top. In-game music makes this a fun event which will have people coming back, again and again, to see if they can beat their last score. The table includes bright LED buttons, scores and displays which make it a perfect addition to any area of your event. More info here

Interactive Green Screen Studio

Our green screen technology shindig offers a unique way for guests to have a photo taken in a wide variety of different settings. Whatever type of event you are hosting this studio will go down a storm. Each person can choose what they want running in the background and can even interact with it. The resulting photo featuring family, friends or colleagues will then be turned into a VR clip which can be watched again, making for a unique memory. More info here


Pixpod Photo Booth
12 Booths to choose from

  • Black & Silver Sparkle
  • Gold
  • Galaxy
  • White Crystal
  • White
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Purple
  • Titanium Grey
  • Black Sparkle
  • Silver Sparkle
  • Blue Sparkle
  • Pink Sparkle
  • Leopard Felt
  • Pink & Lilac Fur
  • Blue & Green Fur
  • VR Pod
  • Selfie Pod
  • Mirror Pod
  • Mirror Ring
  • Pixpod Maxi Black
  • Pixpod Maxi White
  • Pixpod Mini Black
  • Pixpod Mini White
  • Pixpod Mini Wood

Nobody said it would be easy. Wedding planning is tricky, especially if you want to do something a little out of the ordinary. These 30 ideas may not seem particularly conventional, and not all of them will suit your theme, but hopefully it’s given you a deeper insight into what’s available and just how much creative freedom you have.

If you’re still at a loss consider calling a wedding planner and asking for advice. While they will significantly boost your costs, they could have a bunch of ideas that you would have otherwise not considered. In addition, many will have connections with other local businesses, meaning you could lower costs in other departments.

Fundamentally, your wedding is a day for you and your spouse and should represent your personalities and interests; nobody else’s. Never give in to pressure or settle for entertainment that doesn’t inspire you. When it comes to weddings there are no boundaries. Even if you don’t have the funds for an extravagant ceremony there are plenty of ways to create an event of equal beauty with a low-no budget if you can think outside the box.