How much does a photo booth cost for a wedding

A wedding is an event which the happy couple and the guests will want to remember for years to come. While you may have a professional photographer for your official photographs, it’s also nice to offer your guests a way to create memories of their own and a photo booth is the perfect solution.

Photo Booth Rental

Most guests will not want to carry an expensive camera at a wedding and disposable cameras don’t really capture an event at its best. That’s where photo booths have a clear advantage. With an inbuilt LCD screen in the booth, your guests can gather in front of it and let their hair down, taking a range of fun and creative images. What’s more, it’s easy to get into great poses because the screen gives you instant feedback on how the finished photo will look.

Setting up the Photo Booth

Photo booths come in a range of designs so you can find something which fits the theme of your wedding. Set up will be done for you, so all you need to worry about is making sure the booth is clearly marked and your guests are guided to it and encouraged to have fun. The photo booth will arrive on wheels and will fit through any standard doorway, meaning all you need is a flat area on which the booth can stand during the event and one 13amp power socket.

After that, you can leave your guests to have fun as the photo booth is very easy to operate. Don’t forget though to make sure the newlyweds get time in the booth too, either as a couple or surrounded by their nearest and dearest.

Wedding Photo Booth Ideas

To make your wedding go with even more of a swing why not offer props for your guests to use during their photo taking sessions? If you have a particular wedding photo booth or theme, this can be incorporated but otherwise, hats, glasses and feather boas work well. If you prefer you could even create a handcrafted cardboard frame, marked with the wedding couple’s names and wedding date, which can be held up by guests to mark the special day.

To make the area where the photo booth stands even more special, many couples choose to zone the area and add decorations. This could be fairy lights, balloons, bunting or even a specific theme such as a circus or fairground. Some couples like to decorate this area with photos of their life together or special handwritten messages for each of their guests.

Once the photos have been taken they will print out immediately, so your guests have a memento of the day they can take home with them. Even better, all the photos can be viewed online after the event so copies can be ordered for friends and family.

Seek Expert Advice

When you are booking your photo booth talk the options over to ensure you get a booth that’s right for your needs. Costs will vary depending on the length of time you want to book the booth for and where you are based.

Booths will have unlimited use so the great thing is that you will have loads of photos of your event to choose from and you will have captured groups of family and friends that may well not have been caught by the official photographer, who isn’t able to be in all places at all times. This makes it a very cost-effective way to capture memories and nothing stands the test of time better than a photograph of your loved ones celebrating with you.

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