Unique Wedding Ideas

The entertainment is the one aspect of your wedding that all of your guests will remember. While discos and function bands are classic features of the everyday reception, you shouldn’t feel obliged to include them. It’s your day, so don’t be afraid to add a little creativity to the mix. After all, sometimes it’s the most unconventional unique wedding ideas that are the most fun!

If you’re in need of some inspiration take a look at these 30 examples and you might just stumble across something that’s right for your wedding.

Vodka Luge

What could be a better icebreaker than a vodka luge? These famous ice sculptures are a firm party favorite for good reason. Pour your shot of choice in the top, let it slide down, and enjoy a refreshing drink chilled to perfection. Perhaps you’ve got kids at the wedding? How about replacing vodka with different fruit juices or soda? You may want to think about getting two or three to avoid long queues, as this will almost certainly be a hit.

Image Credit: Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses

Mariachi Band

So you want a Mexican wedding, but how do you get that authentic Mexican vibe? You’ve already booked the enchiladas and the piñata, but what’s missing? A mariachi band of course! Everyone loves live music and the mariachi sound is unique, colourful and quintessentially Mexican. Having a mariachi band wander amongst your guests and perform a variety of popular songs will almost certainly make both the young and the old wiggle their hips and chant Ándale! Ándale!’.


Do you want your wedding guests to go home with a memento? What’s better than a hand-drawn comical portrait? Book a caricaturist to make your wedding extra memorable. A caricaturist will entertain everybody and cause fits of laughter throughout the day. A caricature can help break the ice and provides a great topic of conversation. Who knows, you may not even need a photographer!

Image Credit: Wedding Caricatures

Supersized Board Games

When you have two different sides of the family in one place getting everybody to mingle can be a challenge. Jenga, four in a row, tug of war and giant inflatable skittles are excellent social games that can help bring two separate social groups together. Split up your wedding guests into groups fusing different congregations of family and friends, and then hold a friendly competition. If you want to take this even further you could even hire some sumo suits or an adult bouncy castle.

Image Credit: Mobile Nightclub

Makeshift Casino

Set up a few tables with craps, roulette and blackjack and hire a professional dealer. While your guests won’t be allowed to gamble with real money, no doubt they’ll add a little flavor to the evening by placing a friendly wager or two amongst themselves. Casino areas will give your guests a little boost of adrenaline when they need it, ensuring that the party atmosphere remains throughout the entire evening.

Image Credit: Portland Wedding Venues

Fortune Teller

Everyone likes to read their horoscope. Even people who don’t believe in the supernatural enjoy “learning their fortune”. Hire a fortune teller who has all the gear – the crystal ball, quirky dress sense, etc. – and it’ll get everyone talking. If you can’t afford a fortune teller serve fortune cookies after lunch. While this won’t be as memorable, it’s a much cheaper alternative.

Image Credit: Columbia Journalism Review

Photo Booth

Make the memories of your wedding last for a lifetime by hiring a wedding photo booth. At weddings photo booths are usually placed in a corner where they are easily forgotten. Make yours visible by renting a bold design. You could even build one into the back of a caravan. Just add some props, and then invite your guests to hop aboard.

Themed photo booths are also available for batmitzvahs, school proms, charity events, corporate hire and all kinds of private parties.

Image Credit: Caravan Photo Booth

Silent Disco

If you don’t know what a silent disco is, it’s about time you were informed. At a silent disco everyone wears headphones and listens to music. Entering a silent disco with the sight of people dancing to an apparent lack of music will no doubt make you laugh, and yes, you will definitely want to be a part of it. If you don’t want to transform the entire wedding to a silent party, use a dedicated room for this quirky activity.

Image Credit:We Tech Summit

Petting Zoo

Having a petting zoo at your farm themed wedding is perfect if you want to invite some of your four legged friends. Give your guests a unique experience by letting them get up close and personal with a variety of farm animals. A petting zoo is a great way to entertain all the animal lovers at your wedding and can be perfect if you’re looking for something to amuse younger guests as well.

Image Credit: She n He

Fairground Games

What would a circus wedding be without fairground games? Cork shooting, hook the duck, ball in the bucket and darts are just some of the games that will entice your guests to get involved. Fairground games suit all ages and give you an opportunity to organise a little friendly competition. Divide the guests into teams, throw in a few prizes and let the games begin!

Image Credit:Vivid Occasions

Mix-Your-Own Drink Table

How can you guarantee that your guests will enjoy the drinks at your wedding? Well, you let them make their own! A tropical wedding calls for refreshing drinks, and if you’re in a hot country you’ll have exotic fruits such as coconuts, mangos and pineapples right on your doorstep. Create a mix-your-own-drink table and decorate it with a variety of colourful fruits and flowers. Hire a bartender to assist your guests, and if you wish, print out some recipes (they will come in handy!). Margarita, piña colada, strawberry daiquiri and whatever else tickles your fancy.

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Image Credit: Daily Venture

Classical Music

As you probably know, a classical theme requires classical music, and an instrument that is as underrated as it is magical is the harp. The harmony that the tones bring to a room will soothe and relax your guests, adding a touch of tranquillity to the event. This historical and elegant instrument will change the entire atmosphere of your wedding, and if you close your eyes for a split second you might think you’re in the same era as Mozart, Beethoven or Bach.

Image Credit: Heavenly Harps

Line Dancing

Cowboys, cowgirls, hay bales, a barn and traditional Western music are basically all you need for your Western themed wedding. But if it still seems like something is missing hire a line-dancing instructor. Line-dancing is a fantastic way to involve everyone – especially the non-dancers! A line-dancing instructor will show you the steps, so all you’ll need to do is pull on your cowboy boots, grab your hat and get ready to say ‘Yeehaw!’ Your guests will not only feel great, but will be left with a memorable experience and a few dance moves to show for it!

Image Credit: Tyler Andrews

VIP Lounge

Close off a section of your wedding reception with curtains to create your own exclusive VIP lounge. Fill it with comfy chairs, sofas and bean bags that your guests can just sink down in to when they get tired of dancing. Don’t be too strict with who you let in! Hang out in here all night and you’ll alienate your guests. Use it merely for “the vibe” and give everybody a chance to use it and feel like an executive invitee.

Image Credit: Jennifer Bergman Weddings

Film Quiz

You’ve decided to go for a Hollywood themed wedding. On your guest list you have Marilyn Monroe, Elvis and John Travolta, amongst others. Literally anyone who is anyone is coming! This is the ultimate opportunity for your guests to dress up as their favourite Hollywood film star, but how much do your guests really know about themselves and Hollywood? Organise a Film quiz and find out. A film quiz is perfect right before or after the dinner when everyone is sat down by their table. You’ll no doubt be amazed by how little your guests know about themselves.

Image Credit: Style Sizzle

Zombie Fancy Dress Competition

Picture the scene in Michael Jackson’s Thriller. The earth begins to move and the hand of someone long since dead reaches for freedom. Zombie films have been cropping up all over the place in the last few years. Why not honor these b-rated movies with a zombie fancy dress competition? Offer up a gruesome prize for the most disgusting costume. Just be careful of young children as it may turn into a wedding they’ll never forget, but for the wrong reasons!

Image Credit: Mirror

Wine Tasting

Where’s the best location for a wine tasting if not in the beautiful landscaped setting of a vineyard? Wine tastings are perfect for the wine lovers, but also interesting for those new to the exciting world of wine. The other bonuses of throwing your wedding in a vineyard is that you and your guests can sample local wines straight from the producer; indulge in a mouth-watering selection of reds, whites and rosés; and hire a wine expert to show your guests how to smell the bouquets and locate those cherry undertones.

Image Credit: Planning Elegance

Balloon Animals

Remember when Owen Wilson showed his impressive animal balloon making skills in Wedding Crashers? For a little light entertainment hire a professional balloon artist. He or she will teach your guests how to create cool and exotic animals. You could place the balloon artist at the kids’ table to keep the young ones entertained. The children will absolutely love it and, as a bonus, will have mementos to take home with them. Just don’t be surprised if some curious adults want to join in and make a giraffe or sausage dog too! Grownups love to relive their childhood when they get the chance.

Image Credit: Huffington Post

Treasure Hunt

What’s a pirate themed wedding without a treasure hunt? This is a great way to get your guests to interact with each other. If the weather isn’t on your side move the treasure hunt indoors. What about having the treasure hidden in the cake as an added surprise for your guests? Or why not have chocolate coins hidden in a treasure chest? Whatever the treasure is, your guests will have an arrrggsome time.

Image Credit: Wedding Jeannie Blog


Your wedding day is the most magical day of your life, so don’t be afraid to wow your guests with a magician to highlight that fact! A wedding magician is great if you’re looking for something to fill up the empty gaps in between the key aspects of the day. Whether it is during the wedding meal or as the guests arrive, a magician can offer sustained entertainment that everyone can enjoy.

Image Credit: Joe Diamond Events

Ping Pong

Remember those parties at university? Red cups, plenty of alcohol and a makeshift ping pong table. Whether in the summer during Wimbledon or in the winter during the winter Olympics, ping pong is a great game for people of all ages. It doesn’t have to take center stage, but with a couple of ping pong tables, a pile of red cups and a few extra balls people will create their own fun. Turn it into a competition for everyone to enjoy, but expect the more grown up version of beer pong later on in the evening!

Image Credit: My Portland Photographer

Professional Juggler

You can’t beat classic circus-style entertainment. Professional jugglers can accomplish fantastic feats of dexterity that defy the laws of nature. They’re engaging, funny and sometimes even dangerous – and when there’s danger in the vicinity you can be damn sure that everyone’s eyes will be glued to it. Jugglers will play around with anything and everything, from eggs to chainsaws, and can be perfect if you’re having a garden party or outdoor reception. To get your guests even more engaged you could even ask them if they’d like to take part themselves.

Image Credit: Juggler

Toast Station

When everybody starts hitting that wall during the early hours of the morning bring out a toast station with a selection of spreads and teas. This will give everybody a positive lift when they want to hit the sack and call it a night. If you really want to keep the festivities going, replace the tea with coffee to give everyone a caffeine boost.


Karaoke, sing-a-long, sing star, and whatever else you want to call it, is classic entertainment at its best- If you have a special theme, such as a Beatles inspired wedding, then why not add a karaoke stand with a selection of songs from the Beatles’ back catalogue? A big screen, speakers and a couple of microphones are all you need to make this entertainment the one hit wonder of the night. If you want to complement the experience and take it up a notch, then you could even hire a karaoke DJ. Who knows, maybe you’ll find the next Idol amongst your nearest and dearest? Gather up all your friends and family, make Simon Cowell proud and sing your heart out!

Image Credit: Razvan Photography

Horseback Riding

Make your country wedding extra charming with a couple of horses. The kids will be amazed when they find out who the special guests are! While you have them, you could even use them for a unique entrance at the reception. Or perhaps you could say your vows on them before riding off into the sunset? And don’t forget the incredible photo opportunities they’ll provide.

Image Credit: My Inspired Wedding

Belly Dancers

Just picture a large tent filled with pillows, shisha and intricately carved ornaments. What could compliment this better than a group of belly dancers? A perfect accompaniment to the dinner in between courses, giving your guests the chance to sit back, relax and unwind before giving it a try themselves later on. Belly dancing instructors will give your guests the chance to engulf themselves in Arabian culture.

Image Credit: Belly Dance by Jennifer

Celebrity Guests

Contrary to popular belief it’s not actually that difficult to find celebrities willing to give up their time to attend weddings. Plenty of booking agents have roosters full of B listers who will make private appearances for a fee. If you haven’t got the budget celebrity lookalikes are the next best thing. Virtually every mega star has an abundance of lookalikes who make their living attending events simply to mingle with the crowd and have their photos taken.

Image Credit: Costello Entertainment

Cupcake Tower

The conventional three tiered wedding cake is a thing of the past. While they look great and often serve as a centrepiece, they’re phenomenally expensive. Nowadays people often prefer building a cupcake tower instead. If the thought of spending obscene amounts of cash on a cake seems a little farfetched, consider baking a cupcake for each of your guests, towering them up as high as you can, and leaving a few cake decorating tools on the side so your guests can personalise them. This not only gives you an opportunity to bypass the excessive fees, but allows you to incorporate this all important part of the catering into your entertainment plan.

Image Credit: Eat Your Dessert First

Quirky Entertainers

Everybody loves stilt walkers, mime artists, medieval fools, puppeteers and living statues. They will make your wedding a theatrical affair and give your guests plenty more photo opportunities. Quirky entertainers are available from booking agents for an hourly fee and some of them may have other special skills such as watering or bartending. Simply put, do your homework and you could quite easily kill two birds with one stone.

Image Credit: Alive Network

Mealtime Entertainment

The catering is without a doubt one of the most important aspects of your wedding and will be what most of your guests will remember, so you’ll want it to stand out. In addition to the traditional best man speech at the end of your feast consider having a little light entertainment. Perhaps a live jazz band playing in the background would suffice? Other options include singing waiters, roving magicians and personalised quiz games that relate to the guests on your table (crossword puzzles, word searches, etc.).

Image Credit: Jazzman

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Nobody said it would be easy. Wedding planning is tricky, especially if you want to do something a little out of the ordinary. These 30 ideas may not seem particularly conventional, and not all of them will suit your theme, but hopefully it’s given you a deeper insight into what’s available and just how much creative freedom you have.

If you’re still at a loss consider calling a wedding planner and asking for advice. While they will significantly boost your costs, they could have a bunch of ideas that you would have otherwise not considered. In addition, many will have connections with other local businesses, meaning you could lower costs in other departments.

Fundamentally, your wedding is a day for you and your spouse and should represent your personalities and interests; nobody else’s. Never give in to pressure or settle for entertainment that doesn’t inspire you. When it comes to weddings there are no boundaries. Even if you don’t have the funds for an extravagant ceremony there are plenty of ways to create an event of equal beauty with a low-no budget if you can think outside the box.